attorney success

Attorney Success Program

more cases. Predictable. Consistent. 

The Attorney Success Program uses our proven marketing system and helps great attorneys generate more cases. We have 3 different programs to fit the budget of practices of all sizes and types.

Oh, and the Attorney Success Program is performance based. You only pay for the leads or appointments we generate. (We understand the technical definition varies by state and what you can actually do, we can adapt to your state’s guidelines) 

1. Case Lead Generation – We’ll send you the people that raise their hands and want to talk about a case. It will include their contact information and you’ll be notified by text message or email. This is a great program IF you have a proven business development team working in the practice. 

2. Verified Case Inquiries – We’ll reach out to individuals and verify that they want to have a conversation with the attorney with the intention on hiring someone. This is a step up as we’ll sift through and find the people most ready & willing to become a client.

3. White Glove Appointments – We’ll do all the heavy lifting and actually get appointments booked on your calendar. We become your marketing and business development department. We follow up with all the leads until they are ready to schedule, all you do is close the deal.

 If you’re interested, the next step is scheduling a quick Practice Growth Accelerator call where we’ll talk about your practice and make sure you’re the best fit. We do not take on every practice we interview because we want to make sure we can deliver outstanding results for our clients. 

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